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Introducing The Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes 2018/9 Winners

We’re delighted to present the results of the The Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes.

The art competition brought together new, compelling artworks from across the globe, rich in styles and concepts, pushing boundaries and rendering works that both recognize the future and honor the past.





For this open call we received 157 digital artworks by new media artists and art students from 39 countries  in the following themes:


Category 1 - Theme: Artistic Blessing - Festive, Celebration.


Category 2 - Theme: New Life - Spring, Blossom.



We’d like to extend a gracious thank you to all participants for their effort and creativity. Thank you for being part of this important initiative to expose diverse art from around the world to wide audiences in public spaces. A special thanks to our respected Jury for the detailed and thoughtful selection process.

Category 1 -  Artistic Blessing

Congratulations to the winners of The Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes 2018/9!


Category 1 - The winning artwork was created by Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts for the Theme of “Artistic Blessing”.

Category 2 - The winning artwork was created by SuperCyberTown for the Theme of “New Life”.

Category 1 -  Artistic Blessing

Winner:   Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts


Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts

"OneOne invokes a sense of ancient culture, an archetype being unearthed through real-world experience that is timeless and contemporary. This resonates with natural elements: stone, water, wind, and sunlight. In Te Reo Maori the title means soil, sand or earth which is appropriate because the source of the inspiration for the work is New Zealand landscape. In particular this references a North Otago river where extraordinary hollow rattle-stones can be found. They are rare, and have been formed over millions of years. Near to this site is a place called the Valley of the Whales, named because there are fossils of Cetaceans in the rock, both whale and dolphin. Ancient connections, and we know that all those years ago, this place which is now very much inland, was once under water ocean. OneOne explores human existence as part of eternal cycles. It suggests ritual where echoes of the past resonate in a universal view of the present" 

Second place: Hermes Mangialardo​

Hermes Mangialardo

"As soon as I saw the projection surface, and the river below I imagined 2 hands coming out of the water, and moving the scenes as if they were on 2 huge tablets, thus creating a strong three-dimensional component for those who see the projection from far"


Runner upRan Slavin

Ran Slavin

"The city sparkles in a mysterious mesmerizing futurist promise, between the present, past and future, science fiction and zen, suspended in this moment in time. The city as body, its molecular veins - light conveying information, forever on the move in a changing and morphing cycle."

Runner up:   Anne Spalter​

Turning Festival

Anne Spalter


"In a celebration of the old year turning into a new one, this video turns and folds and re-emerges from itself. It is a festival of lights filling the sky and exploding with waves and stars in a continuous visual revelation."


Category 2 -  New Life


"This collage is using all flags of the worlds countries to create a colorful pattern which welcomes all people of all nations in the new year. everyone is included, and everyone can find a piece of his identity in this work. in contrast to our usual working pattern, which is almost always reduced in its color palette, we want to cheer up viewers, underline up the diversity of the world and bring even more color to hong kong daily life. Enjoy!"

Category 2 - New Life

Winner:   SuperCyberTown

The Spring Shrine


"A place to retreat to after the cold has passed. New life emerges and with it a new journey to begin on. The Spring Shrine represents a world where technology has allowed us to return to our natural surroundings and find a true Zen space, away from the chaos. It is a place that I imagine myself escaping to in order to recharge myself."

Second place: EPER - Zoltan Varga, Csaba Szabo​


EPER - Zoltan Varga, Csaba Szabo

"In our creation we used object, colors and motifs which are connected to the Chinese New Year. These objects and there movement symbolizing the good fortune, growth and the pulsation of life."

Runner upKeren K(twiing)

4th perspective

Keren K(twiing)

"In this project I tried looking at nature in a different way, from another perspective- that one that nobody sees. in front of us, behind us & both sides- when it's all conjoint together- it forms another perspective- the 4th. when looking at the surroundings like that- it makes us small ,in the center, makes so that nature wrap around us and we can finally see the Rejuvenation of nature from all of its corners. The video was created as a student at WIZO Academy of design and Education."

Runner upOmar Sangiovanni

New Life

Omar Sangiovanni


"In this image the observer is slowly taken through the birth of a new work of art. I like the mix between highly abstract image with a landscape. For a while all we see in the image are colors and hints of shapes. The viewer is left to wonder. The audience is taken through the process of the final drawing coming to life. Often we look at an image and forget that they are just a series of shapes lines and color. We forget that they are interpreted by our experiences and our own understanding. It's a simple reminder of how we tell stories through the making of marks."

Runner upBonaventura Sara


Bonaventura Sara

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” R. Buckminster Fuller The main trigger concept is growth that incorporates degrowth (or vice versa). Chronoscope is apparently an entropic way to see the past, but what if the past tells us more about the future than we usually think? Past and future are interconnected in this fleeting present. Ephemeralization is not the answer maybe, but this ephemeral symbol, the butterfly, stands for self-organizing, self-regulated, self-sufficient – but never fixed or rigid – systems in nature. It is a symbol of permanent metamorphosis, change, regeneration, blossom and longevity. The split-screen reveals two complementary visions: a chiastic structure, between a flashback and a flash-forward, that resembles the cyclical pattern of life. Sound design by Von Tesla.

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