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Artworks: Quayola, Camouflage |  Jonathan Monaghan, Escape Pod  |  Tone Bjordam, Coral

Introducing The
Niio x Art Asia Awards 2019 Winners

We’re delighted to present the jury results for The Niio x Art Asia Awards 2019.

The winners will secure a coveted place in our exclusive Asia catalog, earning a unique opportunity to showcase their work to leading curators, collectors, art fans and at public art installations around the world. Selected works will be installed in a rotating international exhibition and will earn an opportunity to display their works commercially at screenings.

The art competition brought together the finest artworks from across the globe, rich in style and concept.

For this open call, we received 270 moving image artworks by new media artists and art students from 53 countries in the theme: “Animated Nature”.

We’d like to extend a gracious thank you to all participants for their effort and creativity. Thank you for being part of this important initiative to expose diverse media and video art from around the world to wide audiences in private and public spaces. A special thanks to our respected international Jury for the detailed and thoughtful selection process.

Introducing The Niio x Art Asia Awards 2019 Winners

The winning artwork was created by Jack Alexandroff

Congratulations to the winners of The Niio x Art Asia Awards 2019!

The winning artwork was created by

Jack Alexandroff


Artwork title: 

Paper Cranes

Winner:   Jack Alexandroff

Paper Cranes

Jack Alexandroff

Starting with the otherness of living in the unfamiliar culture of Hong Kong and then moving to the UK the film describes Jacks geographical and psychological journey. As he begins to understand his own otherness he is also forced to confront mortality in progressively more severe ways. If micro is used to explore the solace available in nature’s brutal life-death cycle. Charcoal drawings serve to imagine the truly subjective experience which suspends the film in the vivid psychic landscape of memory. The film shares with the audience Jack’s dismay and joy at the natural world as well as his exhilaration and horror at the human condition. Along the way it provides the viewer with the experience of scientific discovery, gaining insights about plants from a perspective human beings can barely inhabit. By showing the life and death processes that plants and fungus move through with grace and simplicity, I implore the viewer to strip down the subjectivity of human experience in order to inhabit a new perspective.

Second place: Juhana Moisander​

Ethology of A Man

Juhana Moisander

The Ethology of a Man was premiered at the EMMA ( Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Finland) in March 2019 (will run till 7.7.2019 ). Technically the installation was made with two 4K projectors and surround sound system run by computer and Picturall programme. The size of the projected area is 13m x 3.2 m ( characters in the video in humanscale ). The Ethology of a Man examines models of human group behaviour that repeat themselves from one historical era to another. The video installation was created in cooperation with a contact improvisation group and features a strong soundscape. With their movements, the performers depict different scenes that show dynamics of power, such as a crowd in a frenzied ecstasy and the rise and fall of leaders.

Third place: Nicolás Rupcich​


Nicolás Rupcich

In “EDF” the Chilean Patagonian landscapes from the “Torres del Paine National Park” are the main protagonists. As the video develops the images are slowly been deleted. The intervention consists in a “monumental black block" that literally blocks the landscape images. What we finally see is similar to the logic of the “fade to black” transition, the difference here is that not only the two-dimensional image fades to black, but also the topography is gradually covered. One of the main ideas in the project is the problem of digital representation, in the context of what some people calls the “post-photography era”, where the images are no longer a representation of reality, but a way of reality itself. The annulation of the geography in the screen is an effort for making a simple visual but symbolically strong intervention that make us aware of the instability of the representational surface.

Fourth place: Alexandre Erre

Your presence is no longer required

Alexandre Erre

A vision.

That of a world inhabited only by birds.

There isn’t a soul left.

But after all, our presence is no longer required.

This short film was created in the Pacific island of New-Caledonia. In this place the ecosystem is very fragile and has already been modified a lot. Animals and plants were introduced, sometimes with a purpose in mind and sometimes unknowingly. Mountains are peeled off to extract the nickel. This video imagines a future deprived of humans were birds watch over the empty spaces left. The beautiful peacocks enjoy this freedom as we listen to the cacophony of the Common Myna.

Fifth place: Pascual Sisto​

Aucuba Expanded

Pascual Sisto

Aucuba Expanded samples the organic occurring markings native to a peculiar household plant commonly known as the gold dust laurel (Aucuba Japonica ‘Variegata’); a plant variety that has been produced in strict cultivation by selective breeding. The synthesized version of the pattern is generated by an algorithm that randomly arranges the golden spots in space. Control and randomness are used in equal measure to recreate this naturally occurring organic pattern. This version includes 3 looped animations of three different specimens with monochromatic transitions.

Runners Up  - Invited to feature their artworks in the first season of the Niio Asia 2019 catalog

Noise Above Our Heads by Claudia Larcher

Soft Plots by Yuge Zhou

Pigeons by Jeppe Lange

To Afar The Water Flows by Yuge Zhou

Still #3 (The Flower) by  Jeppe Lange

Peripheral Light Air And Sun by Krassimir Terziev

Dadaloop by Francesca Fini

Chepu by Nicolás Rupcich

Rotation Method by Frank Wang Yefeng

Urbanscape by Wei Hsuan Huang

Mountain (Excerpt) by Joanie Lemercier

Musical Landscape by Jean-Michel Rolland

The Hidden Dimension II by Sarah Choo

Assemblages #5 by Alexandre Erre

Learning Nature by David Young

Happiness Hill by lenelenejo

Let us now praise forest by lenelenejo

AXIS - water planet by Daniel Belton

As new media art moves beyond the white walls of galleries, it has the potential to engage with a wider audience than previously possible. The open call is part of Niio’s aim to reimagine how we experience art and offer untapped potential for immersive art experiences in cities and public spaces.


Interested in hosting an open call or an art experience?

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