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Artworks by: Siebren Versteeg | Clement Valla | Casey Reas 

Introducing The Niio x AI

Art Prizes 2019/20 Winners

We’re delighted to present the jury results for the

Niio x AI Art Prizes 2019/20.

The winners will secure a coveted place in our exclusive Niio x AI Art Catalog, earning a unique opportunity to showcase their work to leading curators, collectors, art fans and at public art installations around the world. The art competition brought together the finest artworks from across the globe, rich in style and concept.

Congratulations to the winners of the

Niio x AI Art Prizes 2019/20!

The winning artwork was created by

Jakob Kudsk Steensen

Artwork title:


For this open call, we received 161 moving image artworks by new media artists and art students from 29 countries in the theme: “Beauty in the eyes of machines”.

The artworks were created using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms or directly associated with this subject as a main concept/inspiration.

Winner: Jakob Kudsk Steensen

Jakob Kudsk Steensen, RE-ANIMATED2018, Mixed Media Art, 14 min 20 sec, Edition of 3

RE-ANIMATED is based on the last Kaua’i ʻōʻō bird that died in 1987, marking the extinction of its species.

RE-ANIMATED is a reanimation of the bird and its song, inhabiting a distorted digital reconstruction of the Kaua’i ʻōʻō’s original habitat on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. REANIMATED’s virtual world comes to life with interactive audio that includes algorithmic music composed by Michael Riesman, Musical Director for the Philip Glass Ensemble. Plants, moss, and insects respond to the pulse of music generated in real-time, as the audience’s breath organically impacts the virtual atmosphere.

Second Place: Chris Kore

Chris Kore, AImnesia2019, Mixed Media Art, 14 min 31 sec

The AImnesia project focuses on the concept of human hybrid memory, which can be augmented, influenced, and modified by AI. Today, artificial neural networks play an unseen but crucial role in our digital ecosystem by defining and recommending what should be seen, listened to, and read. It is an absurd video art piece about AI memory recreation made by using a pre-trained BigGAN model, the Ganbreeder app, and a reverse Google image search. With her work, Chris Kore intends to prompt a discussion of evolving algorithms that can be trained on our online photos and can fill in memory gaps by creating fake memories that are plausible enough to be perceived as real.

Third Place: Pascual Sisto

Pascual Sisto, Daisy, 2016, Moving Image Art, 7 min 

Daisy takes its title from “Daisy Bell,” the song programmed by Bell Labs on an IBM 704 computer in the earliest demonstration of computer speech synthesis in 1961 and later referenced in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. A karaoke version of the song is the departure point of the work, which explores synthesized human emotions. The video follows the associative structure of internet browsing and the allocation of random access memory from a synthesis of internet-sourced footage, motion-capture and computer animation.

Fourth Place: Eyal Gruss

Eyal Gruss, WanderGAN2019, Code Based Art

A search journey in the imagined visions of a neural network. Given a photo, an artificial intelligence painter tries to recreate its likeness, and takes us through a visual journey in its search for the perfect reproduction. The spectator can intervene in the process, and focus on areas of her interest in the intermediate imagery. The painter will then shift its efforts to recreate the chosen impression. The emerging experience may resemble wandering within a vision or a dream. Sometimes in a dream we try to follow an elusive visual stimulus. Sometimes when daydreaming or recollecting a dream, we try to recall a mystical place of which we have a vague impression. WanderGAN tries to simulate such experiences, and the spectator may realize that the journey is actually more important than the goal. However, it is the search for the goal that creates the journey. This works condones the search that leads the marvelous journey to one's Ithaka.

Music by Nir Jacob Younessi.

Fifth Place: B_No_Source [live]

B_No_Source [live], samanthas_synth, 2020, Code Based Art, 2 min 47 sec 

In the project "samanthas_synth" B_No_Source [live] let the CaffeNet deep neural network choose different neurons and generated over weeks around 1.000.000 synthesized images which were curated by the network itself as well as B_No_Source [live], to find an aesthetics from an inside view of the deep neural network. For the synthesizing of the images B_No_Source [live] used an activation maximation algorithm to highly activate the neurons chosen by the network. Since the CaffeNet was trained on the enormous ImageNet dataset, the project "samanthas_synth" enabled B_No_Source [live] to present an aesthetics from the viewpoint of an AI.

Runners up

Frosty Morning Prototype by Zheng Shi

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Pascual Sisto

pt9 - AF.CFFiIV by pt9_art_group

AQUAPHOBIA by Jakob Kudsk Steensen

Seeing Sight by Jeppe Lange

The body of Christ by Lorenzo Papanti

Pattern Extraction II by Jacob Broms Engblom

A Sense of Symmetry by Jake Stollery

Liquid Dreams by kesson

Study of Entanglement Ref Space V by Siheun Kim

Side by Snow Yunxue Fu

Landscape for a person by Florencia Levy


The Most Beautiful Women by Melissa Huang

Tree of Life by Alex Czetwertynski

We’d like to extend a gracious thank you to all participants for their effort and creativity. Thank you for being part of this important initiative to explore the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on humanity through art. A special thanks to our respected international Jury for the detailed and thoughtful selection process.

As new media art moves beyond the white walls of galleries, it has the potential to engage with a wider audience than previously possible. The open call is part of Niio’s aim to reimagine how we experience art and offer untapped potential for immersive art experiences in cities and public spaces.


Interested in hosting an open call or an art experience?

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