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Artworks by: Siebren Versteeg | Clement Valla | Casey Reas 

Open Call for the

Niio x AI Art Prizes 2019/20

Join the community of pioneer artists exploring the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on humanity through their art

"Beauty in the eyes of machines"
We invite moving image and code based artists from around the world to submit their best Artificial Intelligence based art through the Niio platform, for a unique opportunity to elevate their work into the international spotlight, as well as a chance to win a cash prize and a 4K art player.
Art-world professionals will review all entries and shortlist the most striking and original pieces that tell a story, ignite emotion and pose critical questions on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on art, culture and society. Shortlisted finalists will secure a coveted place in our exclusive Niio x AI Art Catalog, earning a unique opportunity to showcase their work to leading curators, collectors, art fans and at public art installations around the world. Selected works will be installed in a rotating international exhibition and will earn an opportunity to display their works commercially at screenings. This invaluable exposure could lead to limited edition sales and loans of their art. The competition carries total cash prizes of $7,500.
Have your art  seen by millions on two of the world’s largest outdoor screens
The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Shortlisted finalists will secure a prized opportunity to elevate their career and showcase their work to a wide audience.

  • Celebrate your talent as the winner of Niio’s AI Art Prizes

  • Be invited to showcase your work as part of Niio’s freshest and most exclusive AI catalogue. Your art may be available for limited edition purchases, loans and subscriptions.

  • Participate in rotating international exhibitions and public video art installations.

Niio is leading the way in the transformation of the discovery and display of premium quality video and new media art. The Niio x AI  Art Prizes is launched to recognize excellence AI art.

Artworks: Quayola | Casey Reas | Clement Valla | Siebren Versteeg

Open call submissions

We invite established and emerging artists from around the world to submit their AI artworks.

We are seeking original, thought-provoking and striking new media art for the following theme:

“Beauty in the eyes of machines”

Technical specifications and guidelines

  • Artworks are to be submitted only through the Niio platform.

  • Artworks must either be created using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms or be directly associated with this subject as a main concept / inspiration.

  • Applicants can submit up to 5 artworks.

  • Each work must be a video / animation, up to 15 minutes in length.

  • Formats: Apple ProRES or Mpeg H.264/H.265 (HEVC), 60fps

  • Resolution: 16:9 horizontal orientation, either UHD (3840p x 2160p) 4K, or FHD (1920p x 1080p)


The Prize

The Prize

A jury of five international art world and design professionals will select the winners:


1st place - will receive $4,000 and a Niio 4k Art Player

2nd place - will receive $2,000 plus a Niio 4k Art Player

Those places 3rd, 4th, 5th  - will receive $500

The Prize


Registration is now open and closes on January 30th, 2020.

* Before registration, please read and agree to our privacy policy.

Submission Process

The registration process consists of three simple steps:



Create a private Niio account or login to your existing one.



Upload your artworks and the relevant meta-data.



Transfer your artwork to the Curatorial Committee.

* You can contact at any time for assistance.

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